Oriental rug cleaning is an art that should be taken seriously. You want to make sure that you are hiring a professional oriental rug cleaner in Durham who will do the job right. It’s not something you can just take care of with a bucket and some soap! Our team at Durham Carpet Cleaner has been handling heirloom oriental rug cleaning for many years, so we know what it takes to get them looking new again. We have a special process that we use to get your rugs clean and looking their best. We work with all types of oriental rug styles, from old intricate designs to modern contemporary pieces. So, if you are interested in having your oriental rug cleaned, please give us a call today!

What Are The Benefits Of Oriental Rug Cleaning For Your Home And Family Members’ Health?

Oriental and persian rugs are home furnishings that not only present a unique style but also ensure your flooring remains pampered and well-groomed. Oriental rug cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris from these textiles. When you choose to have this done by professionals, there are many benefits to enjoy at home. Here are just some of them.

Increased Property Value

Cleanliness is associated directly with higher rental rates and sale prices of property, which alleviates emotional strain on homeowners who may be concerned about wasting money after purchasing a home without caring for it properly during ownership.  The fresh new look ensures property owners can receive a better price for their property.

Healthier Family Members And Pets

Allergens and other contaminants, such as dust mites can reside in your persian rugs. Allowing these pollutants to settle there is equal to allowing them into the home environment where they pose serious health risks – especially asthma triggers that affect children all across Durham NC . Oriental rug cleaning is a must to ensure family members and pets can remain safe from contaminants.

Improved Hygiene Levels In Home

When you have your rugs cleaned by area rug cleaning experts, there are fewer allergens that could pose health risks for everyone living in the house. By having this done, not only do you improve the standard of cleanliness at home, but you also contribute to creating a safe environment that doesn’t threaten family members’ health.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Methods

Oriental rug cleaning is done in the most natural way possible while still ensuring your rug fibers are spotless and fresh after their return. This means there’s no use of harsh chemicals or ingredients during the thorough cleaning process which ensures they remain safe for everyone in the family.

Increased Free Time

When you have your wool oriental rugs cleaned, you are not only freeing up time that would’ve otherwise been spent doing this yourself, but also providing a rug cleaning process heirloom service to clients in Durham NC who can achieve peace of mind knowing their homes are looking great.

How Often Should You Clean Your Oriental Rugs

Durham Carpet Cleaner is a family owned oriental rug service that recommends having your persian rugs cleaned regularly to ensure they retain their beauty. We advise our clients to have the task done once every year, but this can vary depending on individual situations and preferences. Our team will be glad to answer questions regarding specific needs that you may have at home during oriental rug cleaning appointments or consultations.

We offer a full range of oriental rug cleaning services designed to ensure your home and family members are living in healthy conditions that do not threaten their well-being at all times. We have been offering this service for many years, so we understand what it takes to get the job done right – each time!

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process And FAQs

Why Do I Need To Have My Rugs Professionally Cleaned?

If you are thinking of having your rugs cleaned, then chances are they have experienced daily foot traffic over their surfaces. This means contaminants can get embedded deep within them and make it difficult to eliminate these with simple vacuuming or surface cleaning methods. Our team has been specializing in this area for many years while offering the best services for our customers in Durham NC.

What Makes Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Stand Out?

We focus on providing the best persian rug cleaning services at affordable prices. We also offer a flexible schedule that ensures we can meet your needs and preferences when it comes to oriental rug cleaning and urine odor removal deodorizing appointments. The professional cleaning products we use are eco-friendly, which means you do not have to worry about your rug natural fibers being exposed to harsh chemicals that could be harmful in the long run.

What Can I Expect From Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Service?

We understand how important it is for our customers and clients in Durham NC to receive a rug cleaning service they can rely on when we are contracted with oriental rug cleaning tasks. This is why we ensure our rug pad team are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of oriental rug cleaning. To provide these services, we also offer a 24-hour schedule that allows us to meet the needs of every customer at any time they wish to have this done.

How Long Will My Oriental Rugs Be Out Of Use?

While we understand the inconvenience that having your most basic rugs out of use for a significant amount of time may have, our team members’ priority is to ensure they leave their premises looking as fresh and clean as ever upon their return. This means you do not need to worry about them being out of use for too long, as we will do our best to have them back in your possession within a reasonable timeframe.

How Do You Clean Oriental Rugs?

We start with inspecting the rugs thoroughly so that they are given the proper care during oriental rug cleaning process. We then proceed with surface vacuuming and deep extraction methods that ensure no contaminants are left behind. We also use special tools, cleaning solution and products that will help eliminate stains and return your rugs to their original appearance without causing damage.

How Can I Contact You To Set Up An Appointment?

You can contact us any time you wish to have oriental rug cleaning done at your home in Durham NC by calling the number above or filling out our online form with a brief description of what needs to be achieved and when is best for an appointment. We will then provide you with a quote that is affordable and fits your needs.